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Colon Cancer Research

RGI is focused on colon cancer research also. We are studying the expression of oncogenes such as HDM2 and its role in controlling growth and metastasis of colon cancer. We have recently transfected several colon cancer cell lines with the genes for luciferase (LUC), green fluorescent protein (GFP) and red fluorescent protein (RFP). We are utilizing these cell lines to search for a drug that will attack cancer cells specifically while leaving the normal cells in the body intact and unharmed. We are also exploring the strategies for enhancing therapeutic potentials of cancer drugs with natural products such as genestein, a compound found in soya bean derived products. By using these methods, we can find drugs or combinations that will cure a patients cancer while not subjecting the patient to the destructive effects of standard chemotherapy. Please contact us for details about this exciting project.

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